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28th of February, 2012

Is Caching Illegal on Google App Engine?

Having done the small caching library for Google App Engine, I have remembered that this might in fact be illegal. The terms and conditions of Google App Engine state that:

4.3 Restrictions. Customer will not … (e) create multiple Applications to simulate or act as a single Application or otherwise access the Service in a manner intended to avoid incurring fees; …

Emphasis mine. Right. But the express reason I am doing this caching thing is to avoid spending a lot of money paying for a lot of outbound traffic (having had to turn on billing after a recent spike). In fact, Google App Engine’s webapp2 framework not only does not help with caching outbound traffic, but also includes a header, by default ensures that even blobs that are sent down via the standard BlobstoreDownloadHandler are never cached.
I would assume it is something between bug and infelicity. But then there is section 4.3(e), which could be taken to imply that Google wants things this way, in order to make money.

So, the question: is caching in this manner illegal on Google App Engine?