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20th of September, 2012

Re: Haskell Saves Even the Best

Speaking of which, Static Code Analysis, by one John Carmack.

Le Sep 19, 2012 à 12:44 PM, The 27th Comrade a écrit :

And I think it should be said that programming correct code is hard, regardless of what language you use. With Haskell, sometimes the difficulty of getting something correct is made immediately obvious, because it is part of the creed of the language.

Le Sep 19, 2012 à 11:49 AM, The 27th Comrade a écrit :

Things like this bug are why everybody should be using Haskell.
In particular, the people programming the HTTP package of Golang are very good programmers; but they have that bug—caused by having liberated state—and they cannot even fix it, because … well, because they are not using Haskell. (I say “Haskell” here as a style and approach, more than as a language; but either way, the meaning is safe.)

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