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02nd of July, 2013

Uganda Weed Review #1: Jinja

On Saturday, I got behind the car and drove to Jinja. I took the longer Kayunga route, because the objective was to make the engine growl and give me an experience I rarely get, seated behind a speedometer that threatens with “260 kph” on its grinning face, a 3-litre V6 engine under the hood, and shamefully slow traffic. So I decided to break that curse. It’s a small wonder I am still alive. I only made it to around 180 and I lost heart and never dared such speeds again.

Nevertheless, this gave me an opportunity to buy some weed in Jinja, and smoke it, and review it here.

I got it from a little beyond the bridge over the Nile. Just as you ascend the route that leads to Bujagali, there is a small market to the right, just after you turn off the big road. It is in there that I got the weed. The delivery was slow; maybe because I am not a native of Jinja.

The joints are cheaper than the ones in Entebbe. The small ones are also Shs. 500 in Jinja, but the ones of the size that would cost Shs. 1,000 in Entebbe are Shs. 700 in Jinja.

The quality of the rolling was quite poor. There were quite a number of air pockets in the blunts I got. The packing and joint preparation struck me as rather inexperienced. Far from the rolling masters of Entebbe.

The weed itself is weaker. This may be due more to planting practices (leaving the males in and just trying to time the harvest right) or due to poorly-done preparation of the bud after harvest. I say this because I expect that the strain in Jinja is the same as the one we get in Entebbe. Standard Ugandan sativa.

On the whole, I think I would pack half as much supply of weed as I need and go with to Jinja, and only buy the other half there to support the hosts.