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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
23rd of September, 2013

The Gates of Dongola

By now everybody has said all the expected things about the terrorist attacks in Kenya. I have decided to respond by saying the unexpected things; and this requires changing the name and theme of my blog, from What, then, Shall We Say? to The Gates of Dongola. Some history.

When Islam first showed up, it conquered nearly every region it came into contact with. There was one very important exception: the Christian kingdom of Makuria. Very early in the first Caliphate, after Islam had licked up everything in Africa, the Muslims descended on the Blacks in the south. By the time of Muhammad, these Blacks had already established Christian empires for centuries Egypt fell, and the Copts were subjugated to this day; but her Christian neighbour to the south successfully resisted the Islamic invasions twice in in ten years.

At length, the Muslims gave up and signed the Baqt, which was a peace treaty for which Islamic practice until that time had no precedent. Clearly God intended to spare Makuria, because the baqt went on to be the longest-lived peace treaty in history.

At present, the blog has been called What, then, Shall We Say? It was about teasing out the implications of the Grace of God. That phrase, ti oun eroumen?, is often used by Paul in cases where he wants to drag out some mind-bending implication. I favour the chase in my life.
But now is not the time for games. I think I should be doing the Sub-Saharan version of Gates of Vienna, mostly because every other view is represented in our local discourse, and I owe it to my people to bring them all possible views on the issues of our times. A pity I have only one reader! :o)
What, then, Shall We Say?
Expect the change of name to be changed soon to Gates f Dongola. Mainly to present a conservative (generally orthodox) Christian critique of Islam in our society. I already confess I will be biased against Islam and in favour of Christianity, naturally. It should also be noted that I will write “Christian” on that blog to mean people who call Jesus Christ “Lord”, whether or not He knows them. This has not always been the case, as in the past I have been willing to cede the name “Christian” to the apostates and just prefer rhetorical definitions of “my” group.