The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
28th of May, 2013

The Savages Are Voting

One unspoken little fact about the newly-contacted tribes of the World is their love for this Jesus guy.

If you watch the truly amazing and inspired escapades of Bruce Parry on series like BBC’s Tribe (called Going Tribal on America’s Discovery Channel), you see that the newly-contacted tribes are very basic in what they want from the outside World. Not the skyscrapers and lipstick. Just the guns, if they are cow herders; just the steel blades, if they are New Guinea forest people; just the penicillin, if they are an isolated pacific kingdom; just the book, if they are Timbuktu; just the bullets, if they are Mongolian horse-people; and it goes on and on.

But there are two other things they ask for: psychoactives (from coffee and tobacco, to gin and sugar), and Jesus Christ. The young and the women first, then the elders and the men. They start shaking at the improvised altar and chanting and praying. Jesus Christ has Himself been the proof of His universality. Even in so distorted a package as Roman Catholicism, so much Light shines through that even this is better than whatever other contravention of Hebrews 10 there is.

Amen, amen; Jesus Christ is Lord.