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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
14th of August, 2013

OliveTree Rocks!

I am a programmer, and I have self-righteous pharisaical standards for software that I use. As a result, I have always had some latent spite for Bible software that I have used. The only two versions I used to like were Bible Gateway when it is print mode (like in this link) and the Bible Web App because it was the online Bible app (rather than just a very neat DB query system, like Bible Gateway). I can’t say I liked them, but they were what I had, and, together, they worked pretty well.

But then I bought a copy of OliveTree’s application. At the time, it was called BibleReader. (Yeah, camel-case.) Of late, they renamed it Bible Study, although some parts of the app still have the old name.
I can say that I have never been this satisfied with any application. It is so typical these days that the secular world does things, and then when the Christians do it, they excel in an unfair way such that one is driven to say “This is the finger of God.”
This thing rocks. The best feature, for me, is the capacity to join all the floating windows into one window. That is just way too awesome.

Now, if they could stop it from crashing when I search (in certain cases), and if they made notes easier to place against a passage, and if they could generate online-accessible links from the app itself (such that I needn’t link manually to Bible Gateway), that would be coolness itself. Also, it lacks a wishlist for the store. But otherwise, great piece of work!