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(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
10th of May, 2012


Henceforth, on all applications I create of my own volition, I will indicate which things were an inspiration to me regarding the design of that application. It could be (and is) anything. It could be a particular set of music albums—perhaps the ones I played a lot during the planning or executing of that application—or a particular weblog I was reading a lot at the time. Or a novel I was reading. Or a particular gun whose design I may have studied in that time. Or a scientific publication I read. Or a person whose work was inspiring in that time. Anything.

The point is that we do not really know our influences, and as I have studied carefully what inspires me in my designs, I have found that it is such random things I run across. If I should be so presumptuous as to put a copyright notice on the application, surely the entities that influenced my thinking—directly, indirectly, obviously, non-obviously, with my willingness, or without it—should be pointed out on the application, such that some things that look quirky at first glance end up making sense.

For example, if one has been reading a lot about peak oil, it stands to reason that his designs may be subtly influenced by the angst that peak oil causes in the modern mind. And then when you see certain tendencies to not implement energy-hungry features, you understand from the inspiration list that, yes, he is a designer who subscribes to peak oil theory or, for that matter, one who does not, in spite of having had it as an influence in the design of this application. That is just an example.

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