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19th of November, 2012

My Scripting Journey Arrives at Perl 6

When I started scripting, I did VBScript. I was working on a Windows machine at the time, and I had done some Visual Basic.
Next, I went to JavaScript (which was called JScript on Windows).
Then I went to Linux, and started using Perl. Scripting really started for me then.
Some time later, I moved to Python.
After a while with Python, Ruby had become interesting, and I moved to Ruby.
I had been using Ruby for about five years without ever having built a website with it, and for about six years before I had built a Rails website with it.

Now, I am moving to Perl 6. I had prospected on Perl 6 previously, since my main systems programming language was Haskell, and Haskell had been used for Pugs.
But now I am at a point where I am going to take a break of a whole year from programming to engage in other, non-digital pursuits. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter what scripting language I use, since it will be for toys henceforth, and probably for the next up-to-three years. I can use whatever system I want, and since the toys will not be of particularly huge capability, even a system ten times as bare and under-implemented as Perl 6 may be would still be more than I need.
So … let me start with Perl 6 today.

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