The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
14th of May, 2013


Here is Amadou Sodia (a.k.a. Amadou Doumbouya) from Guinea, the other Mandé state.

This is Kouroussa, a song he sang about his home village of Kouroussa.
I like that a conversation exploded in the comments between family members happened, as though in chat. And another man in comments says “At least I am sure there is some Black somewhere in my blood.”

This song is to the tune and spirit of Psalms 137. The harps that were used by the Jews were influenced by those of the Hamites—to such a degree that David’s prize harp was called gittith (“of the people of Gath”)—and those same harps the Hamites play today. On the other side, they were Canaanites, on this side they are Cushites. But the thing is the same.

So Psalms 137, to the string-governed tune of Kouroussa. I think the tension and the love and the hate born by the longing can all be carried very well on that tune.

The 27th Comrade