The Dongola Times

(Anachronistic) Dispatches from the Kingdom of Makuria.
02nd of September, 2013

Dropping Out of the Middle Class

Owing to how hard it is to please the Spirit of God in me while at the same time having to be Middle Class for my prevailing geographical area, I am forced to make a choice.
To please God, or to please Man? To lean on Grace, or to trust in stones? To follow the Spirit, or to follow the Letter. To let love overflow, or to let evil win.
To drop out, or to stay in?

This is why I dropped out of school. The kingdom of God wasn’t in school. I dropped out of a desk job, because the kingdom is not there. The kingdom is inside. Now the cult of the Middle Class, our toe-hold on the office of oppressor. How we manage to live with ourselves, I don’t know, but apparently we do. It is impossible to have what the Middle Class demands without doing wrong. The tax one pays for being in the Middle Class is to not love one’s neighbour. The privileges are real, but so is the corruption. (In particular, it is sad indeed that every effective citizen of the World is also well-schooled. Citizenship is the corruption that we start drinking on the first day of school.)

So the one who has clean hands is the one whose hands didn’t provide for himself. The only way to not contribute to the evil and greed is to drop out of the Middle Class and rely on God’s grace. This is how Jesus Christ comes in.

Jesus’ times resemble ours, and an apocalyptic spectre arises: it is easier for the camel to enter the eye of the needle, and the teachers of the law do not know it. The crowd wonders, who then can be saved? Because for them, if the rich do not survive, nobody does. But Jesus explains how it will be in the kingdom of God: With man, it is impossible. But with God, anything is possible. The way of the kingdom is Grace; man is even relieved of having to look within himself for the way to be saved.

But today, when the kingdom of God is staring us in the face, nobody realises that the Middle Class is trapping him. And given peak oil and demographics, I fear it is too late to save anything from the fire. It is neither safe nor easy to not be part of this particular cult, and a lot of what we want is tied to it. We can’t resist its bribes. To serve God, or to serve money?
Dropping out of the Middle Class starts to look wise. Most other apocalyptic traditions would by now have large movements of crazy prophets. (And this is why Nineveh condemns us. It was in sackcloth and ashes before Jonah could leave the scene.)